Deep Cycle


Mobile49 outfitted with low-gear power supply for Flag Day Parade tow.

Deep Cycle, a project about a post-oil landscape, included a mobile broadcast that took place along a stretch of US route 23, NY. A publication drawing text, image and other materials into book format is available HERE
Project Performance Documentation of Parade and Mobile Incidents: HERE 
Artifacts in Deep Cycle Installation 
Mobile49 is a retrofit emergency communications truck, central in producing projects conceived for area-responsive mobile transmission:
A conceptual origin for this project is the Gordon Matta-Clark film, Fresh Kill 1972, in which Matta-Clark documents driving his ‘Emergency Services’ utility truck, Herman Meydag to the Fresh Kills Landfill. Upon arrival, the truck is cremated and contributed to the landfill as part of a lifecycle of consumption, waste and reuse imbedded in the urban landscape. Same year, Mobile49, assembled by Grumman-Olson in Greene County, NY, became a local fire department communications truck. Once retired, the truck was acquired for renovation into a mobile experimental radio laboratory at MIT. 

Many additional conceptual, political and literary references are overlayed to build the fabric of the program.

Overall, Deep Cycle includes performances, readings interviews and incidents by several artists, writers, designers and theorists addressing the subject of a ‘post-oil’ landscape. Topics of these presentations include: consumption, waste, transit, energy, transformation, and disaster preparedness. This unconventional platform for discussion presents urgent ideas about cultural conditions to local audiences, while simultaneously transmitting via online radio to a wide listener base. With a practice intersecting conceptual and constructed projects, in the context of Transmission Arts, this work overlays a framework of communications environment with the landscape subject. The Mobile49 vehicle has been a device utilized in numerous area-specific projects centered on the mobile broadcast platform. 

Participants and contributers in the program include: Max Goldfarb, Tom Cody (WE2G), Brian Dewan, John Ashbery, Christina Linden, Brett Balogh, Bodega Algae, Ryder Cooley, John Cooley, Daniel Berry, Paul Elliman, Dan Beachy-Quick, Lance Duerfahrd, David Koehn, James Howard Kunstler and Garrett Phelan.
M49 Personnel for the project: Sound: Tom Roe...Video: Nick Goldfarb...Photography: Nicholas Kahn...Flag Bearers: Matt Bua, Laura Nancy Anderson, Tom Cody (WE2G)...Dispatch: Christophe Vilaghy, Joe Romero...Teamster: Herb Trombley...Engine (Oxen): Gus, Pete...Uniforms: Dan Berry...Storytellers: Gili Melamed-Lev,...Graham Convenienceware...Semaphor: Tom Cody, Lance Duerfahrd...Emergency Helipad Support: Chief John J. Ferrell of the West Athens / Lime Street Fire Company #1.
Though carrying the M-Mobile designation, Mobile 49, or M49 should not be confused with the 2.5ton M49 gasoline tanker used by the United States military. The Mobile 49 employed in the Deep Cycle project is a civilian operated radio-utility truck. Wending westward along the armature of US route 23, across the Rip Van Winkle bridge, M49 threads together various elements of the landscape.
Deep Cycle has received support from the Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation, the Harpo Foundation and from the Experimental Television Center, ETC. The Experimental Television Center’s Finishing Funds program is supported by the Electronic Media and Film Program at the New York State Council on the Arts. Deep Cycle is co-presented by free103point9.org and WGXC.org. 
Project Performance Documentation of Parade and Mobile Incidents: HERE

                        Still images from Fresh Kill, 1972; Gordon Matta Clark




Dymaxion Map (of Buckminster Fuller) installed as a billboard on Rt.23 as part of Deep Cycle

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